Ausztrália Lazing
2019. 11. 25.
Ausztrália Lazing

Ausztráliába most telepített Silk 25 műfű.  Gyönyörű zöldtető kellemes pihenést biztosít a medence  mellett.


Lazing around on an Australian rooftop


A rooftop area is a great place to transform into a beautiful green, relaxing area, especially in combination with a swimming pool. The motive of this hotel owner in New South Wales, Australia, was to cover the pool area with a combination of hard and soft surface materials. For that reason, the architect recommended to use artificial grass in combination with wood.


Royal Grass partner Green Look carried out the installation. “The architect looked for high quality artificial grass that would be suitable for a rooftop area,” Dorothy Griffith, owner of Green Look explains. “Royal Grass Silk25 perfectly met these requirements. The grass gives the area surrounding the pool a green, natural look and has a soft, lush feel to walk on when you get out of the pool. As a base below the grass, drainage cells were used. This ensured that the area would quickly drain away from rain and excess water.


The client was very pleased with the result. A perfect spot has been created to laze around, on a sunny afternoon.


Product: Royal Grass Silk25
Location: New South Wales, Australia
Partner: Green Look
Size: 200 m2